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Interactive BIM solutions

iBIM Management and Interoperability

One of the major challenges in the BIM implementation is ensuring an integrated BIM platform that can host all BIM’s produced by all BIM authors; contractors, subcontractors, fabricators and manufacturers. This is a common challenge for any efficient BIM implementation and the reasons behind the complexity in integrating BIM’s are:

  • The market is full of BIM tools from different software vendors
  • Each BIM software has certain points of strength in certain areas
  • Contractors, partners, designers, manufacturers, etc need to use combination of BIM tools
  • This will result in several BIM models with:
    • Different sources & workflows
    • Different levels of geometric complexity and details
    • Different data requirements & different attributes
    • Different file formats

Having an extensive experience in developing BIM’s possesses and assigning skilled BIM managers, BIM coordinators and BIM quality control engineers ensures that:

  1. The developed BIM follows the project general BIM execution plan and the project BIM specifications
  2. Proper BIM contents and deliverables
  3. Proper BIM native formats that is integral within the project BIM master model
  4. The developed BIM geometrical and non-graphical components are fully processed and hosted within the project Visual project controls platform and database