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Interactive BIM solutions

About iBIM

iBIM is comprised of engineers and IT professionals with extensive experience in supporting projects varying in size and complexity.
Spanning over more than 10 years with our BIM experience, supported by resources and management who have emerged from mega enterprises with experience exceeds 25 years in BIM and digital transformation, we have managed to implement and embrace the BIM methodology from top tier management, all the way down to the construction site teams and across all working levels.
With each project, the team develops and delivers 3D BIM designs customized to the requirements and information provided, at all project levels and through the full lifecycle of the facility; from concept, until handover and post construction activities such as Assets Management (AM), Facility Management (FM), Operation and Maintenance (O&M) and GIS integration.
Our BIM platform integrates different solutions, systems and ERP applications; all together create a project data repository where documents, specifications, drawings and other databases and information are integrated with the BIM components in a graphical environment.
Our project portfolio includes roads, ports, airports, infrastructures, high quality buildings, etc…

BIM as a Technology
A building information model is a project simulation consisting of the 3D models of the project components with links to all the required information connected with the project planning, design, construction or operation.

A building information model carries all information related to the building, including its physical and functional characteristics and project life cycle information, in a series of “smart objects”.

  • Using BIM models, the contractors can perform fast and fairly accurate quantity survey and prepare detailed estimates.
  • Using 3D or 4D site coordination models, the contractors can plan for site logistics, develop traffic layouts, and identify potential hazards at the jobsite which can aid in preparing a more realistic site safety plan.